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Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2018 by Robert J. Guanci , Robert S. Lipschitz , Joseph G. Ragno

As many of our clients may know, the general tax appeal filing deadline is April 1 every year.  This deadline has been extended for municipalities undergoing a revaluation or reassessment. This year, after nearly thirty years, Jersey City is undergoing a massive revaluation, however, the filing deadline will be extended beyond May 1.  Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:3-21, “a taxpayer feeling aggrieved by the assessed valuation of the taxpayer’s property…may on or before April 1, [May 1], or 45 days from the date of the bulk mailing of notification of assessment is completed in the taxing district, whichever is later, appeal to the county board of taxation…[or] directly with the Tax Court.”  No Jersey City residential or commercial property owner has received their official final notice of assessment from the City of Jersey City. We are advised that the City intends to mail out official notices of assessment on May 4. Therefore, the filing deadline will likely be extended at least until June 15, (45 days from May 1).  We are closely monitoring the situation in Jersey City. If you own property in Jersey City and are considering filing a tax appeal this year, please contact:

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